Q&A with our new intern, Sydney

Sydney Turner is a rising senior at Apex Friendship High School with a passion for creating videos. When she’s not behind a camera or editing, Sydney can be found running year-round for her high school, planning and promoting Class of 2020 events as senior class VP, or spending time outdoors with friends. Always looking for opportunities to learn more about her interests, Sydney is beyond excited to be working with Open Eye Creative this summer!

Headshot of Sydney

When did you first get interested in video?

Like most kids, I played pretend. Except for my and my neighbors’ version of pretend were stories with characters and plots that I recorded on my camcorder. One family vacation, I found a huge chunk of coal washed up on the shore that must’ve fallen off some ship. I was convinced it was a massive precious gem worth millions. So the first movie I can remember was The Case Of The Missing Gem, where the opening scene was me dressed in black stealing the chunk of coal off an office chair in the middle of the foyer. Then my neighbors played detectives and witnesses, the whole nine yards.

So, really it was the childhood tradition of coming up with stories, and I just went the extra step and loved capturing them on film and getting reactions from all the parents when they’d watch the final movie. Since I taught myself pretty young the very basics of filming and editing, I was able to use those skills throughout school for projects. And the more I practiced the skills of creating videos, the more purpose I found in video.

Videos can tell stories, Hollywood style, or personal ones like home movies, wedding videos, or family vacations. They can also serve as a powerful marketing tool. Ever since then I’ve been pretty convinced that video is THE best medium to tell any kind of story.

What is your favorite thing about video production?

Editing is where I really see a video come alive, so during production, I’m just imagining the way the shots would later flow together. I’m not one to plan out shots that much; I like to have some ideas and just go with what flows in the moment (I’m working on improving my planning skills).

During production, imagining the emotions that the video would elicit is very powerful. For example, getting a shot of two friends interacting, laughing, genuinely smiling, is amazing because you can look through the lens and envision the joyful feelings the video will later evoke.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

Start off Saturday morning with a long run with the girls distance team, the kind where you forget you’re even running and the conversations carry the whole way. Then I love spending the rest of my weekends with friends exploring where we live. Now that we are all able to drive, we love getting out and trying out new places – and documenting it, of course. My friends and I love taking pictures; it’s always sure to make for great memories.

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

In a weird way, it’s my high school. I feel very lucky to attend such a good school with so many resources and opportunities. Don’t get me wrong – I love being on summer break away from it, but I have so many great friendships and relationships with teachers and coaches that it’s just a place where I can find them all. Being around so many fantastic people who challenge you and support you is special, and I hope to find a similar environment in college as well.

What’s the last book you read?

The Great Gatsby, for school. I haven’t found myself dedicating too much time to read outside of those assigned. I do, however, listen to audiobooks and podcasts. The best part is you can multitask, so I’ll listen to them when I’m driving, cleaning, cooking, even by the pool this summer. Most recently, I listened to Parke Muth (LONG-time admissions officer and now college counselor) be interviewed and learned a ton about college essay writing, which I should start soon.

What is your favorite local restaurant and the meal you most enjoy eating when there?

I just have great memories of Serendipity Gourmet Deli in Downtown Cary. Serendipity makes me think of laughing with good friends and devouring the best veggie burger ever. It’s right in the heart of downtown surrounded by all the cute local shops, and from their outdoor seating, you can truly enjoy the location. After a veggie burger, I might also snag a slice of homemade pie. Lemon is my favorite.

What are your plans after high school?

I run, by choice. And ideally, I want to continue running in college and study marketing. Creating graphics and video are my passions, but I see myself getting more business knowledge as well as technical design skills. I’m not set on any one school, so we’ll see where I end up!

What are you most excited about during your internship at Open Eye Creative?

When I make videos or graphics, it’s typically completely independently, either for myself or individually for someone else. I’ve never experienced a collaborative creative workflow, so I find it fascinating. I love getting a look at the collaboration that takes place between Rachel and Liza, and even more so, the relationships between them and their clients and subjects. Open Eye Creative is passionate about showcasing other people’s passion, which I am all about!