A Place at the Table: Explaining a complex business model in a simple way

We love what we do for many reasons. Here’s one.

Last year we got to work with one of the most hardworking and creative social entrepreneurs we know – Maggie Kane, founder and executive director of A Place at the Table. Her pay-what-you-can cafe was named the Best Nonprofit in Wake County by Indy Week and was featured on the Today Show on NBC.

Collaborating with Reify Media, we produced a brand video explaining how the model works.

A Place at the Table has a deeply loyal fan base, but for first-time customers, the business model can be confusing.

What are these tokens for?

Why does the menu have “suggested” prices?

We wanted to get new patrons on board, so we had to show them how it works.

The result is a brand video that explains the concept in simple and direct way while also giving viewers a taste of what the unique cafe is like.

Their brand video rapidly spread, reaching 27,000+ people on social media. Check out the full case study to learn how we did it.