You’re doing important work ... it's time to let the world know.

Open Eye Creative is a video production company with a huge vision: to use the power of story to strengthen and propel organizations and businesses that are changing the world. We work with a range of groups — from nonprofits to universities — to create strategic, versatile documentary films and branded content.

We specialize in three areas:


We help environmental science groups share their research through relevant, engaging stories. We’ve created a series of short films about fishermen and their families in Baja California Sur and worked with City of Raleigh Solid Waste Services Department to raise awareness about the culture of disposability.


We work with colleges, universities, and other educational organizations to convey the value and ingenuity of programs, faculty, and research. Our video series for the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment helped increase the school’s online visibility and promote its initiatives.


We help health organizations secure funding, connect with donors, and build trust among their community through strategic storytelling. We’ve created a series of short documentaries for a public health NGO that combats poverty, disease and preventable deaths in rural Nicaragua.

Clients Include

Looking for a service you don't see? We can create a customized project based on your vision and goals.